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IDF Forum

IDF Forum section consists of three sessions: Seminar, Academic Forum and Industrial Summit. It will invite professional documentary filmmakers, cultural masters and industry investors from home and abroad. By the spirit of I Documentary Fact, it explores open, inclusive and forward-looking academic discussion and excavates ontological creation and frontier issues in documentary. IDF Forum aims at idea exchange and academic consensus based on I-Documentry-Fact among the global documentary community, stimulating documentary practitioners to repay people’s life the most sincere, avant-garde and professional actions.

Academic Chair:WANG Guofu,LIU Zheng,GAO Shiming,FAN zhizhong,ZHANG xianming,LI Xiaofeng,WANG Xiaolu .

Seminar - Documentary collection and Cultural Inheritance in the Digital Age
Date:2018-10-18 10:00:00
Address:Gymnasium ,Building No. 8 ,Nanshan Campus, China Academy of Art

The seminar will be concentrated on the topic of Historic documentation value of documentary images as well as the forming and maintaining of the national identity via the documentary throughout times,and current practices and their policy environment of film archives in China and overseas as well as how they serve the community and the citizen etc. Then it will be expanded to detailed and specific topics like The preparation and arrangement for establishment of the archive in Zhejiang province and this archive’s responsibilities in fields of academy, artistic, collection and exhibition etc.

Seminar - The Aesthetics, Methodology and Ethics of Contemporary Documentary
Date:2018-10-20 10:00:00
Address:Nanshan Yiyuan Conference Room, Nanshan Campus, China Academy of Art Format: Seminar

There is no standard format for documentary creation, but could there possibly be a universal theory for creation? There seems to be a lack of aesthetic richness in this area, even with all the honesty and certain righteousness on display in some domestic documentaries. What is the right amount of emotional connection beyond a basic working chemistry for the videographer and subject? The exploration of personal privacy provides depth to a documentary, but what should the boundaries be? Should documentaries go beyond self-observation and take on the lens of civil society? Even more than this, how to transform the material to cover a bigger political issue? With social utilitarianism as the background, what are the priorities of a documentary’s core ethics? In this post-truth era, we face more dynamic content, aesthetics and audience. This forum will explore the establishment of a documentary’s methodology and ethics.

Seminar - Strategies of Expression and the Media Approach of Contemporary Documentary
Date:2018-10-20 13:30:00
Address:Nanshan Yiyuan Conference Room, Nanshan Campus, China

The century-long history of the movies is also the creation history of documentaries. The creation method of documentaries has been reconstructured from the development of media over time and the various ways humans have represented their reality. The contemporary documentary creation ecosystem is very diverse: a direct intervention method still exists when it comes to presenting the long time-line of living, applying one’s gaze to capture a vivid world. We have the reconstruction of reality, poetic documentaries as well historial humanistic documentaries that pursue technical media trends. As for truly experimental, artistic documenataries, the challenge lies within the very flexible boundaries of such an approach. Simultaneously, the documentaries of today are strongly connected to a variety of media and creative forms, covering commercial theatres, art theaters, television, internet and museums... So, are the expression strategies and media approaches of contemporary documentaries also revolutionizing the main body of documentary?

Academic Forum - Epoch and Scope
Date:2018-10-18 13:00:00
Address:Nanshan Yiyuan Conference Room, Nanshan Campus, China Academy of Art

Through the lens we see the world. The world is molded by us and our lens while retaining its autonomy. The lens unsettles the world through seeing.

When viewed separately, the two characters making up the Chinese word “world”, Shi and Jie, seem to convey a certain philosophical meaning. Shi, a vast concept of space, means everything and everyone in the world. The character could also mean a lifetime or all the experience one can have in a lifetime, lending a temporal dimension to the character. As to Jie, its original meaning is separation which comes from the culture of Buddhism. But a separated world could also be an expanded one. Hence, Jie also means divided and parallel worlds. When the pioneers of modern Chinese language coin the word Shi Jie to describe the universe around us, it was not only accurate but also an innovation as well as an inheritance of the Chinese language tradition. Therefore, by separating Shi and Jie, we are able to distill the metaphorical time and space embedded in the English language, the time and space as we see.

Academic Forum - Acquisition and archiving
Date:2018-10-18 14:35:00
Address:Nanshan Yiyuan Conference Room, Nanshan Campus, China Academy of Art

The seminar will be concentrated on the topic ofDocumentation value of documentary images,principles and rules for acquisition and collection,how to screening ancient films,how do we embrace the world while focusing on local values and digital remastering of documentary films shot on film and VHS

Exchange between different archives,relationship between archives and government,interaction between archives and higher education institutions etc.

Academic Forum - Production and Filmmaking
Date:2018-10-18 16:10:00
Address:Nanshan Yiyuan Conference Room, Nanshan Campus, China Academy of Art

The seminar will be concentrated on the topic ofAre the college graduates able to create or produce documentaries without a professional training? Should a documentary workshop teach how to tell stories? How should a documentary express itself? How does the television purchase documentaries?

Formats of online documentaries. Do directors need more film festivals? Does the pitching help only a few regulars ?etc.

Industry Summit - Documentary Production of Zhejiang in International Perspective
Date:2018-10-19 13:00:00
Address:Nanshan Yiyuan Conference Room, Nanshan Campus, China Academy of Art

The forum will address the topic on how to change the international experience in creating documentary into the power of documentary creating of Zhejiang Province, based on differences between Chinese and Western culture. Zhejiang is a province where the traditional culture and modern culture are flourished, however, she is weaker in documentary industry. To break the bottleneck, it needs to fully exert the function of market going with the support from government. In order to pour more and more new power into the prosperity of Zhejiang documentary, it is also important to develop the documentary education. Only in this way, we can bring more audiences into the world of documentaries.

Master Classes
Date:2018-10-19 14:40:00
Address:Nanshan Yiyuan Conference Room, Nanshan Campus, China Academy of Art

Talking points of Master Class 1

YING Qiming:Discovery and Expression in Chinese Documentary

Talking points of Master Class 2

Richard Dale:World Class Subject: the Necessary Elements for International Joint Production of Documentary

Talking points of Master Class 3

Kazuo Hara:Who is “Kazuo Hara”: Deconstruction of Documentary Production