Notice of submission - Submission modification-West Lake International Documentary Festval

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1、General Flow of Film Submission:

2、Requested Content List in a Submission:

* Abstract of the film; Director’s Statement (about 300 word for each)

* Poster of the film; 3 ~ 5 screenshots (resolution > 300dpi, in JPG)

* Recent photo of the director ( > 300dpi, in JPG)

* File of subtitle (in SRT or ASS) or subtitle text (word document or plain text file; line break required for each sentence in dialogue paragraph of script)

* Trailer for the film (not longer than 3 minutes, with quality not lower than 1920*1080, in MOV or MP4 format)

* Full film (resolution > 1920*1080, size not more than 3GB, in MOV/MP4 file format)

3、Submit the Film Offline:

* If it is needed to submit any video offline, please record the film videos (full film, trailers) with high bitrate into Blue-ray DVD or high-speed mobile hard-disk and send to the Executive Office of the Program Committee. Please include the film name and contact information on the cover page.

* If the submission is delivered cross border via international express delivery service, please note on the parcel “only for cultural communication” and “no commercial value”.

* Delivery and tax fees should have been settled up for all contents of submission, otherwise the Program Committee will reject to receive. It is also acceptable to submit by self-delivery on site (please query in advance on the opening time of the Program Committee office.)

* All the document and materials will not be returned. The Program Committee will keep the archive. Please backup by yourself.

* The Program Committee does not assume responsible for the delivery and insurance expenses for submissions, nor bears any liability for the possible loss, mistake or damage of any materials during the process of delivery and/or due to any inexorable factors.

*Address and Contact:

West Lake International Documentary Festival, Program Committee

11F, Bldg 7, China Academy of Art

Xiangshan 352, West Lake District

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P R China

Tel: 0086-571-87200617 / 0086-571-87200579

Fax: 0086-571-87200617


4、Confirmation on Acceptance:

* When the contact of a submission receives e-mail notification of acceptance from Program Committee, the process of submission is finished. Otherwise the submission for the film is still in progress (it is possible that there are missing materials, video not delivered or not uploaded, etc.)

* IDF Program Committee will announce the “D20 Nomination” selected list of films on the IDF official site on the date of Sept 30, 2018, and meanwhile inform the authors of the nominated films. There are cases that the Program Committee need to contact the correspondence person of submitted work in order to collect film version with higher quality for exhibition and/or other relevant materials.