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The West Lake International Documentary Festival (IDF) is an international meeting of documentary professionals, co-hosted by the Administration of Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television of Zhejiang Province and China Academy of Art. IDF stands for “I-Documentary-Fact” and regards it as our academic key words. Furthermore, IDF promotes the values constituted with initial senses of truth and humanitarian rightness. This festival offers a whole platform for screenings, broadcasting, awards and pitching.

The second West Lake International Documentary Festival will be held on October 18th through 20th, 2018, in China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. As an international emerging documentary annual festival, the 2nd IDF will adopt the system of “open call”, which calls for the outstanding documentaries around the world and works in progress based on the annual theme, and invites domestic and international documentary production houses, media organizations, producers, cultural scholars, and shortlisted filmmakers to gather in Hangzhou for IDF.

The 2nd IDF includes “D20 Nomination” Competition, “Glory of Documentary” screenings, “IDF Forum”, “IDF Pitching”, “IDF Workshop” and “IDF public events” (opening/ closing ceremonies, panel discussion, the press conference, Q&A sessions and touring screenings)

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