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West Lake International Documentary Festival

West Lake International Documentary Festival(IDF)is an international meeting of documentary professionals, co-hosted by the Administration of Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television of Zhejiang Province and the China Academy of Art. The IDF is a standard-setting platform for the arts and the humanities that promotes documentaries through screenings, awarding, pitching, forums and workshops. The festival is held at the China Academy of Art, by the side of the West Lake in Hangzhou, during the "golden" autumn season.

IDF stands for I Documentary Fact and aims to explore the relationship between documentary creation subjects, objects and methods. The festival is centered on "discovering documentary subjects, designing experiment s for youth, holding high the will of the people, and reshaping the poetry of oriental culture". Furthermore, the IDF promotes the values associated with honest observation and humanitarian responsibility. The IDF encourages reflection on human existence, especially in the natural world, through the lenses of documentaries. Through this form of record we can also think about the inheritance of culture through changing times, about the artistic expression of oriental poetry in a pluralistic society, and about initiating the return of documentary to its authentic core, returning us to the positive values of humanistic care.

The 1st IDF was successfully held at China Academy of Art in Hangzhou in April 2017. With the theme of Things & Sentiment , the Festival consisted of four sections, namely : D20 Nomination, Lessons from Masters , CCTV-9 Pitching Session and IDF Forum. D20 Nomination consisted of 26 outstanding documentaries from 8 countries on 3 continents and more than 300 Chinese and international experts and guests of the industry. IDF2017 triumphed in its branding and reputation, making it one of China's finest humanitarian documentary festivals in terms of academic value, professionalism and internationalization.

IDF 2018 is the 2nd West Lake International Documentary Film Festival, with the theme of Epoch & Scope considered as the continuation of the theme of the 1st year Things & Sentiment. Here the expression and interpretation of contemporary documentary creation returns to the question of the image ontology of documentary as well as capturing oriental poetry. Epoch & Scope is described as the space in time and the time in space, taking in the "human" world's warmth and coldness and generational change. According to documentary aesthetics, the theme of Epoch & Scope includes the exploration and discovery of the documentary within human civilization and the universe. As a documentary film festival with special geographical origin, IDF tries to reshape the system of Epoch and Scope of experience and cognition from the standpoint of human civilization and in the context of oriental culture.

The Second West Lake International Documentary Festival (IDF 2018) was held from 18th Oct. to 20th Oct. 2018, in Hangzhou, China. The 2nd IDF includes D20 Nomination Competition, Glory of Documentary screening section, IDF Forum, IDF Pitching and IDF Workshop, which attracted more than four hundred documentary professional from all over the world and 5000 audiences gathering in Hangzhou.