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The Second West Lake International Documentary Festival Regulation

This regulation is applicable to the Second West Lake International Documentary Festival in 2018 (a.k.a. IDF 2018) and related award, screening, broadcasting, pitching, forum and workshop.

1. Introduction

The West Lake International Documentary Festival (IDF) is an international meeting of documentary professionals, co-hosted by the Administration of Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television of Zhejiang Province and China Academy of Art. IDF stands for “I-Documentary-Fact” and regards it as our academic key words. Furthermore, IDF promotes the values constituted with initial senses of truth and humanitarian rightness. This festival offers a whole platform for screenings, broadcasting, awards and pitching.

The First West Lake International Documentary Festival, with the theme of “Things & Sentiment”, launched four thematic sections: “D20 Nomination”, “Master Classes”, “CCTV Pitching” and “IDF Forum”, which attracts 26 outstanding documentaries from 8 countries in 3 continents and more than 2,000 Chinese and international experts and guests of the industry. IDF, representing an excellent image of brand that already established reputation, is becoming one of the most academic, professional and international documentary event in China.

The second West Lake International Documentary Festival will be held on October 18th through 20th, 2018, in China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. As an international emerging documentary annual festival, the 2nd IDF will adopt the system of “open call”, which calls for the outstanding documentaries around the world and works in progress based on the annual theme, and invites domestic and international documentary production houses, media organizations, producers, cultural scholars, and shortlisted filmmakers to gather in Hangzhou for IDF.

The IDF2018 includes “D20 Nomination” Competition, “Glory of Documentary” screenings, “IDF Forum”, “IDF Pitching”, “IDF Workshop” and “IDF public events” (opening/ closing ceremonies, panel discussion, the press conference, Q&A sessions and touring screenings)

2. The IDF2018 Sections

2.1 “D20 Nomination” Competition

“D20 Nomination” is IDF’s main competition, opens to international documentaries, including feature documentaries, serial documentaries and short documentaries. We welcome submissions from distributors, broadcastors, producers and independent filmmakers. The annual theme is “Epoch & Scope” .The Selection Committee, after viewing and discussion, will selected 8 feature documentaries, 8 serial documentaries and 4 shorts. During the festival, different international juries will conduct final assessment for the shortlists, competing for prizes at one million RMB in total. We encourage filmmakers who show their point of view, emotion and creation.

*See details in 《the Second West Lake International Documentary Festival (IDF 2018)“D20 Nomination” announcement of call for documentaries》
2.2 “Glory of Documentary” Screening Section

In theaters, in universities and on TV, the “Glory of Documentary” will screen and broadcast the 20 shortlisted documentaries of the “D20 Nomination”, includes the prized works of previous IDF, the works of the masters, the thematic works in specific program. The purpose of this unit is to communicate before and after screening with the outstanding international filmmakers, transmit academic visions, cultivate documentary audience, discuss on frontier topics, infiltrate the cultural charm of the world’s excellent documentary into the life of audience, and share the festival of documentary in the city.

2.3 “IDF Forum”

The “IDF Forum” section consists of three sessions: “Chairman's Seminar”, “Thematic Forum” and “Industrial Summit”. It will invite professional documentary makers, cultural masters and industry investors from home and abroad. By the spirit of “I-Documentary-Fact”, it explores open, inclusive and forward-looking academic discussion and excavates ontological creation and frontier issues in documentary. “IDF Forum” aims at idea exchange and academic consensus based on “I-Documentry-Fact” among the global documentary community, stimulating documentary practitioners to repay people’s life the most sincere, avant-garde and professional actions.

2.4 “IDF Pitching”

The “IDF Pitching” is IDF’s support to documentary filmmakers, calls for the documentaries conforming to the annual theme “Epoch & Scope” to global Chinese, Chinese community, and Chinese documentary authors. The documentaries in the creation or post-production stage, includes feature documentary (60 minutes and above), short documentary (less than 60 minutes in length) and serial documentary (two and above or related series). The Call for Proposals will be limited to the documentary makers in Chinese-speaking areas. The Program Committee will appraise, nominate and recommend a selected list from the collected proposals to the Academic Committee for review and voting. 10 most potential projects will be chosen out for the final defense during the Festival. On the Pitching Proposal session, each selected proposal’s author will have 15 minutes to interpret the project and answer questions. The Program Committee will invite domestic and overseas documentary professionals, artists and industrial investors to form an international appraisal group conducting the final evaluation, and vote out “the Most Potential Development Plan” (one plan) and “IDF Excellent Proposals” (two proposals), awarding prize of 150K RMB and 100K RMB per project, respectively. IDF will keep tracking on the progress of the productions, granting them the priority of entering IDF “Glory of Documentary” Exhibition. This section is purposed to incubate excellent documentary works of world’s level of quality, to build formal channel of collaboration between international documentary production houses and the IDF officials, and to promote documentary-making as well as talent exchange among Zhejiang local and Chinese documentary communities.

*See details in 《the Second West Lake International Documentary Festival (IDF 2018)“IDF pitching” announcement of call for proposals》
2.5 “IDF Workshop”

“IDF Workshop” is a master’s workshop and studios designed as a public-interest action cultivating novel forces of documentary. This section orients students in Chinese movie colleges, young documentary makers and scholars, providing them an opportunity of learning first-hand experiences of the world’s top documentary masters. It founds training programs under themes of “Documentary of New Generation” and “Documentary Pitching”. Through master courses, face-to-face conversations with masters and experience-sharing/training with frontline documentary makers, it aims at promoting the international vision of young Chinese-speaking directors and Zhejiang local creative force, improving the quality of documentary works, and establishing the incubation base for the Chinese documentary industry and talents.

3. IDF Awarding Prizes

“D20 Nomination”Competition
Awards Type Bonuses Quantites
IDF Documentary of Excellence of the Year feature documentary 200,000 yuan(RMB) 1
D20 Excellent Serial Documentary of the Year serial documentary 150,000 yuan(RMB) 1
D20 Excellent Short Documentary of the Year short documentary 100,000 yuan(RMB) 1
D20 Filmmaker of the Year feature documentary 100,000 yuan(RMB) 1
Special Mention serial documentary 100,000 yuan(RMB) 1
“IDF Pitching”
Awards Bonuses Quantites
IDF Most Potential Development Plan 150,000 yuan(RMB) 1
IDF Excellence Proposal 100,000 yuan(RMB) 2
* prizes are listed pre-tax.

4. Statement on Legal Obligation

A group or individual who submits a works or proposal, participating in the 2nd IDF contest, exhibition show and/or venture pitching, has the obligation to hold the written authorization on use and distribution from the organization or individuals who own the copyright or the right of publication as agent, and to ensure that the work is not subject to copyright disputes (including music, video images, text and other content). The Program Committee of IDF doesn’t bear any legal liability on any issues related to the work’s copyright or right of publication. The group of individual who submit the work will take full legal responsibility over the submission. If the entries of an awarded work are involved in a dispute or controversy over copyright, the Program Committee reserves the right to disqualify the nomination and claim back the awards and prizes.

For all submissions including films or proposals submitted to contest, exhibition and venture pitching, the IDF Program Committee claims the right of publishing and promoting their application materials, stills, posters, trailers and footage fragments of no more than 3 minutes on public platform including IDF official website, printed matter, brochures, TV channels, Internet, mobile media, etc, and of using them in press and propaganda video.. The Program Committee of IDF will delegate a third party to provide copyright service for non-commercial offline use after the event.

In the “Form of Submission”, the submitter is required to accurately claim if the full or partial right of use is authorized by the original copyright holder to the IDF Program Committee. The IDF Program Committee takes the information registered through the “Form of Submission” as the legal evidence of obtaining the right of use.

5. Right to Interpret

The Program Committee of the 2nd West Lake International Documentary Festival (IDF 2018) reserves the right to amend this charter, rules, terms or other related conventions. The IDF Program Committee owns the final right to interpret on this charter without public discussion.

The Program Committee of the 2nd West Lake International Documentary Festival

April, 2018