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The Melody of East Venice
  • Country/Area of ProductionSingapore, China
  • Language of DialogueChinese
  • Runtime60 min
  • DirectorSU Qing
  • Type of WorkFeature-length Documentary
  • ProducerCHEN Mina, GUO Xiaodong

Yiwen, who lost her sight because of a medical negligence in her childhood, was self-tought to play the melody she had heard on the keyboard at the age of four. Be born with a beautiful voice, she started vocal training when she was eight.In July 2017, Wang Yiwen came to Zhujiajiao, a canal-town known as East Venice locates in Shanghai's suburb, with her mother. They rent a 20-square meter humble room in the town. "We are not come here to attending school. We are here to be a vocalist." The mother gave up everything just for her daughter could apply for the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. "If we failed, then we will go to Xinjiang and plant jujube trees there", they have been ready to pay the price.Yiwen ranked the 11th among 600 examinees with her excellent score of the major in 2018. The mother and daughter are full of gladness, but what greeted them is being turned down by the school with the excuse of not standard stature.While, they decided to fight to win or die, attending the test again, conquering the earthly judgements through entering the top three, then getting the opportunity for exceptive admission.Happy laughter and cheerful voice came back to the room again, and the beautiful melody was resounded there every day. They always have methods to cheer themselves up, looking forward to the future.