Trashy Boy
  • Country/Area of ProductionChina
  • Language of DialogueChinese
  • Runtime90 min
  • DirectorZHENG Yifei
  • Type of WorkFeature-Length Documentary
  • ProducerZHENG Yifei

Born in a remote town in Northwest China, the self-proclaimed teenage "Big Sponge" was derided by his classmates due to his obesity, depression and other psychological problems. He was never understood by his parents neither. After dropping out of high school in his second year, he began to live alone in the county. Seeking for inner freedom, he used his favorite rap music to fight against such boring life. He lives like a "trash" in a dirty space, wandering the streets all the time. He just began his life, but had to be trapped into this plight. He often improvised rap at the street to attract those wandering youth who also had the same plight with him. Guided by his fatty body, the picture of remote county youth life was presented to us. But now, he wants more money, live show, and fame. However, he can only seize a little.