• Country/Area of ProductionChina, France
  • Language of Dialogue-
  • Runtime90 min
  • DirectorCHEN Yu
  • Type of WorkFeature-length Documentary
  • ProducerCHEN Yu, Matthieu FAIVRE, Laure Saint-Hillie

The story revolves around a group of people of a farming manor. They left the polluted metropolis for 12 years and realized a transformation from an elite to a farmer. Devoted themselves to protecting soil, they pursued a kind of self-purification as saving the land, so that they could convert from the self-saving "escaper" to other- saving of humanist. After the financial and personnel crises, finally, the protected land was improved and extended. They followed the law of nature, rejecting the intervention of any chemistry, and saving many patients with the clean food they produced. This clean land and the living seed left are the precious"heritage". Now, the second generation is starting to grow up, they will certainly continue their elder generation's career...