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Living and Knowing You’re Alive
  • Country/Area of ProductionFrance
  • Language of DialogueFrance
  • Runtime82 min
  • DirectorAlain Cavalier
  • Type of WorkFeature-Length Documentary
  • ProducerMichel Seydoux

Novelist and screenwriter Emmanuèle Bernheim and filmmaker Alain Cavalier have been friends for 30 years. They are preparing a film based on the former’s autobiography, Tout s’est bien passé (Everything Went Fine).

In it, she tells how her father asked her to “end it” in the wake of a heart attack. Cavalier suggests that she plays herself, and that he plays her father. One winter morning, Emmanuèle calls Alain; they will have to postpone the shoot until the spring, as she needs an urgent operation.