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Beyond the Mountains
  • Country/Area of ProductionChina
  • Language of DialogueChinese
  • Runtime98 min
  • DirectorBo JIAO
  • Type of WorkFeature-Length Documentary
  • ProducerXin ZHENG

Daqi, located in Shichao Town of Wuchuan Gelao and Miao Autonomous County, where there are 985 households and 4119 residents in total, including 435 households and 1803 residents in poverty, is one of the 2760 villages which are still in deep poverty in Guizhou Province. As the Secretary of Village CPC General Branch, SHEN Xiu decided to lead villagers get out of poverty and towards a well-off life, under the guidance of poverty alleviation policy. SHEN Zhou is a young man in his thirties. Due to the poor family and living conditions, his wish to marry a wife is out of reach. Therefore, SHEN Zhou hope to leave the village and go to the Wuchuan County to seek development. SHEN Xueke was in the same dilemma as SHEN Zhou. He worked in Zhejiang Province all year around, but came home immediately when he heard of his father’s incurable disease. Quanli Village, where SHEN Xueke lived in, is the only place without the highway in Daqi village. So SHEN Xueke thought as long as the road passes, there is hope for Quanli.