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The Art of Museums
  • Country/Area of ProductionGermany, Spain, United States, Austria, France, Norway, The Netherlands, Italy
  • Language of DialogueEnglish, German, Italian, Spanish
  • Runtime52 min
  • DirectorSylvie Kürsten, Julie Kirchhoff, Ralf Pleger, Kurt Mayer
  • Type of WorkDocumentary Series
  • ProducerTuan Lam, Christian Beetz

They are icons in their cities and their collections represent the cultural identities of nations. These world-renowned museums are in constant negotiation with changes in the world. Every year, millions of visitors queue to view the treasures that hang on their gallery walls. In this eight- part documentary series, THE ART OF MUSEUMS, we encounter museums as living, breathing, beings: characters who have stories and face challenges. Together with art lovers like Vivienne Westwood, Marina Abramović, Ólafur Elíasson and Wolfgang Joop, our audience encounters some of most powerful masterpieces in the world—and experiences just how alive these museums are...