The Fisherman
  • Country/Area of ProductionChina
  • Language of DialogueChinese
  • Runtime25 min
  • Director段 晓 明 、戴 永
  • Type of Work纪录短片
  • ProducerCCTV-9

Set among green mountains and blue rivers, this film tells the happy story of a transformed, upgraded village whose inhabitants don’t forget their roots.

In Jiangwan Village of Xinanjiang Bay Xiaya Town, there’s a row of three fishermans’ houses. While each of them experiences the same living conditions, all living in the same area of Xinanjiang Bay, these three fishermen have contrasting personalities: Yu Baohong has a strong character, Tang Linglong tells over-the-top stories and Zhong Zhong works intensively at money making.

While their lives, finances, conflicts and emotions originate from the water around them, waters that are often troubled, the people of Zhejiang are also exceptionally strong, witty and innovative. Among the great beauty of the mountains and rivers, people compose their own songs on the nature of harmony and togetherness.