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Spring Festival - Hometown Forever
  • Country/Area of ProductionChina
  • Language of DialogueChinese
  • Runtime30 min
  • DirectorZhang Zhiqiang
  • Type of WorkShort documentary
  • Producer Xu Qiujing

In Huzhou, Zhejiang, CHEN Keyuan lives in a courtyard in a bamboo forest. He is worried about his son's marraige. CHEN Wei is 37 years old with a successful career in Shanghai; however he is not even close to getting married. Back at his home town, this situation is a gossiping topic for the villagers and his father is often embarrased. CHEN Wei has made such an effort to establish a successful career that marriage has slipped from his mind. He does, however, have a girlfriend. Now that CHEN Wei has a pretty decent salary, he would like to give back to his parents and have them stop working at their part-time jobs. He would like the bamboo mountain to be outsourced and his mother to stop working part-time at the factory – as time goes on, the old couple still secretly go up the moutain to cut bamboos. The old man's pressurizing messes up CHEN Wei’s plan. He is a good son, but doesn't see eye-to- eye with his father on marriage. Lanterns are hung, ancestors are worshipped and the smell of goat meat and tea cake in the village gently reminds everyone of the new year celebrations. CHEN Wei and his father CHEN Keyuan sit face-to-face with each other, with the whole family happily gathered for another new year celebration with all its tradition. The father and son are not good with expressing their emotions, and hence they each hold their own ground during a pleasant gathering......