24th Street
  • Country/Area of ProductionChina
  • Language of DialogueChinese
  • Runtime88min
  • DirectorZhiqi Pan
  • Type of WorkFeature-Length Documentary
  • ProducerZhiqi Pan, Mike Shang

In 2010, Hangzhou, China, a 24th street under construction attracted a large number of migrant workers to make a living setting up a shanty town. More than 30 years ago, Su left his hometown with his girlfriend Qin. After settling at the shantytown, they opened a simple restaurant. But, with no legal permit and the land occupied under reconstruction, Su and other illegal households were forcefully removed. So, Su decided to return to his hometown, where he had his family and children, and also the family of Qin. But how will they face their former family and the homeland that is unrecognizable? The film silently observes the life experiences of Su and Qin, lasting 7 years and showing the story of small people in the context of rapid development and transformation.