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Chaos and Loneliness
  • Country/Area of ProductionChina
  • Language of DialogueChinese
  • Runtime120 min
  • DirectorCHEN Changing
  • Type of WorkFeature-Length Documentary
  • ProducerYAN Jun, GUO Hengqi

As a man of many gifts, GuTao is a photographer, painter, documentary director and writer. Since he is bold and constrained, many artists and drinking buddies gather around him gradually. With so many talents in him, GuTao has won awards both at home and abroad for his works. Apart from this, Japanese Yamagata International Film Festival held a retrospective exhibition for him showcasing his works at his early forty. Since then, various media interviews and lecturing invitations have come one after another. Later he found love again, married and had two boys. Meanwhile, he held the Youth Film Festival and established the Grassland Artistic Base as well as the Urban Artists Salon. However, the reality behind the honor and fame is not always lucky. Having or losing love, is it as capricious and repeating as fate? Or will you have a new destiny whenever meet your love?

HanTao, the second leading character, sets foot in poems, paintings and films. Personally he is positive and frank, and devotes himself to saving the reality with art. He vowed to step into the world top three film festivals before 35 years old. After shooting over five feature films, his work was nominated in Cannes International Film Festival. GuTao and him have many things in common and sometimes they rely on each other.

As an outstanding tenor singer, YangXusheng, the third hero of this film has traveled around European countries and gets recognized for his performance. He spent days in various exhibitions and wine parties, all while suffering from schizophrenia. After a long and solo trip, he was never heard from again. Alive or dead, who knows?

ShenYun was used to be known as a performance artist. Though being disrespected, despised, excluded. He is aggressive and radical, unwilling to get out of the game. One time he poured blood on his face painfully in the gallery, with his own blood just drawn out, along with the Christians' chant.

This is the best time, but the worst as well. It seems everyone suffers from undesired fate. Since no one is isolated like an island. Perhaps no man is innocent.