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The Fading Village
  • Country/Area of ProductionChina
  • Language of DialogueChinese
  • Runtime136 min 40 s
  • DirectorLIU Feifang
  • Type of WorkFeature-length Documentary
  • ProducerLIU Feifang

In the process of social change in China, The peasant's personal fate and rural appearance have changed, The older generation of farmers sticks to the land, Make a living by farming, The young man fled from the land. Hou Junli was the only young man left in the village to develop, Liu guoping is the first to go out to work, 82-Year-old Liu Sanlong is an old peasant. Farmers are still very traditional farming, The farm work is done by manpower, Plow with a mule. The only pleasure he had in the herd was to play with his mobile phone, He played while he was herding sheep, and he played at home. In the spring of the year he was traveling between the hospital and the mountain village, The burden of herding the sheep fell on his father's shoulders, He accompanied his mother to the cancer hospital in Taiyuan, In the summer, the only mule in the village was sold, After a long time, the military salute did not discuss with the parents also sold half of the sheep, So there was a quarrel between the parents, A few days later, the village came to pay a salute to the people, He made up his mind to his parents that he did not want to raise sheep.