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Romantic Migrators
  • Country/Area of ProductionChina
  • Language of DialogueChinese
  • Runtime25 min
  • DirectorDENG Bochao
  • Type of WorkDocumentary Series(Six Episodes)
  • ProducerDENG Shijie, Andrew Lone

These chapters are independent to each other, but the love to the homeland unify them as a Chinese scroll painting along the rivers.

1, Peitian, an ancient town on Ting river. Farmer WU Yachun and his wife CAO Linfeng came back home after labor work in the city. Their decision of farming their ancestral land in the mountain aroused suspicion and conflicts in the village. Meanwhile, the stagnated plan of building a AAAA scenic spot was resumed by the government. The whole Wu clan who lived in the village for 23 generations needed to emigrate to make room for tourism. Jinliang, son of Yachun and Linfeng, had to make his living as migrant worker again in the cities, just like his parents did.

2, DENG Shijie, one of the second generations of urban migrants. His father died in Shenzhen two decades ago, and his family plans to move his ashes back to hometown Meizhou in order to bury him into the ground. Unexpectedly, all the complicated customs of Feng Shui there fettered the issue. Sitting on his father’s grave, Shijie found himself a stranger – Where would he die?

3, Port Songkou, a group of Deng clan came back from Malaysia to participate the ceremony of ancestral worship. After ceremony, the group came to Shenzhen, the first metropolis born from China’s Open & Reform policy. They tried to find their ancestral house with just a few names from memories, but they got lost at the chaos cross roads.

4, For the last 30 years, every morning at four o'clock, Jinyuan butchers pigs, and rides a motorcycle along the riverside to sell the meat. Recently, Jinyuan got ill, people along the river may not able to have meat for a week.

5, LIU Xingyuan is a transporter of river sand along Han and Ting river. Recent years, rumors about the new reservoir project scattered among villagers. Red waterlines marked by the survey team surrounded the villages. LIU’s has to think about another way of business, but he thinks he is too old to abandon his ship and live on land.

6, When people were waiting for the submerging day. Annual celebration of gods was approaching, Mr. DENG Yiji conducted youngsters to carry the Pestilence Boat, he himself was singing the oration out loud, sending the pestilence god away down the river. Villagers all prayed for the tranquility of rivers.