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IDF·2019 | D20 Nomination Call for Entries

▼The following is the complete version of The  “D20 Nomination”.

IDF2019 The 3rd West Lake International Documentary Festival 

“D20 Nomination”

Call for Entries


This announcement is an open call for entries of documentaries for “D20 Nomination” Competition of the 3rd West Lake International Documentary Festival (IDF2019).


1.  Introduction 

1.1  West Lake International Documentary Festival (IDF)

West Lake International Documentary Festival (IDF) is a standard-setting platform for the arts and the humanities that promotes documentaries through screenings, awarding, pitching, forums and workshops, which is held by the side of West Lake, Hangzhou.

IDF stands for “I-Documentary-Fact” and aims to explore the relationship between documentary creation subjects, objects and methods. The festival is centered on “discovering documentary subjects, designing experiments for youth, holding high the will of the people, and reshaping the poetry of oriental culture”. Furthermore, IDF promotes the values associated with honest observation and humanitarian responsibility. IDF encourages reflection on human existence, especially in the natural world, through the lenses of documentaries. Through this form of record we can also think about the inheritance of culture through changing times, about the artistic expression of oriental poetry in a pluralistic society, and about initiating the return of documentary to its authentic core, returning us to the positive values of humanistic care. 

The 3rd West Lake International Documentary Festival will be held from 18th October to 20th October 2019 in Hangzhou with the theme of Something-Somewhere

1.2  “D20 Nomination” Competition

“D20 Nomination” Competition is the main section of West Lake International Documentary Festival. Its aim is to highlight outstanding documentary filmmakers as well as films that come from the heart, all the while encouraging documentary filmmakers to be curious and persistent on their journey of creation. The festival conducts an open call for submission and the recommendation by international film selection consultants. The festival opens to feature-length documentaries (60 minutes and above), short documentaries (less than 60 minutes) and documentary series (2 episodes or more, or associated series) completed after 1st January, 2018.After first-round evaluation and nomination by selection committee and re-evaluation and examination by academic committee, 20 documentaries prevailed, entering “D20 Nomination” competition of the 3rd West Lake International Documentary Festival. The finalists will be evaluated by international jury committee and compete for a grand prize of 650,000 RMB.

1.3  Entry Qualification

IDF openly calls for documentaries around the world, includes feature-length documentaries, short documentaries and documentary series. Entries must satisfy the following conditions:

1) The documentary must be completed after 1st Jan, 2018;       

2) The duration of feature-length documentary should be over 60 minutes; the documentary series contains at least two episodes and above or related; the duration of short documentary should be within 60 minutes.       

3) The work must be directly participated by the entrant, and the entrant must be the copyright holder or representative of the copyright owner of the work.  

4)  Priority to documentaries for World Premiere or Chinese Premiere.    

5) The documentary which has been shortlisted in the previous “D20 Nomination” Section or has been selected in the previous “Glory of Documentary” Screening Section, cannot be participated in again with the competition.

6) The filmmaker can only register for one competition section, either “D20 Nomination” Section or “IDF Pitching” Section.

1.4  How to Enter

The documentaries must be entered online at the official website of West Lake International Documentary Festival ( www.westlakeidf.com ) without any entry fee. Please fill in the application form carefully, once the information uploaded, the entrant can not re-edit it.

2.  IDF Awarding Prizes 

1. IDF Best Documentary of the Year

   | 200,000  yuan (RMB)

2.D20 Best Documentary Series   
   | 150,000  yuan (RMB)

3.D20 Best Feature-Length Documentary  

   | 100,000  yuan (RMB)

4.D20 Filmmaker of the Year  
   | 100,000  yuan (RMB)

5.Special Mention  
   | 100,000  yuan (RMB)

* Prizes are listed pre-tax.

3.  Entry Requirements 

3.1  Deadline for Entry

Entry for the 3rd West Lake International Documentary Festival registration will be open from today. The deadline for entry is 20th July, 2019. The documentaries submitted beyond this deadline will not be included in the evaluation process.

3.2  Entry Process

The documentaries must log in to the official website www.westlakeidf.com of West Lake International Documentary Festival. Please read the announcement of IDF 2019 The 3rd West Lake International Documentary Festival “D20 Nomination” carefully, fill in the required information, submit the requested  materials, upload the complete documentary according to the requirement, and complete the entry.

If you prefer to submit the hard copy, please send the Blue-ray Disc or Mobile Hard Disk Drive to IDF Office (Please mark “D20 Nomination Registration”, film title, name of the entrant and the contact number).

If you send cross-border materials through international express, please mark “only for cultural purposes” and “no-commercial value” on the mail parcel.All sent materials must have paid the mailing fee and customs duties, otherwise the organizing committee has the right to reject the parcel. You can also deliver the hard drive to IDF Office in person (Please contact the organizing committee in advance to check the opening hour).

All submitted materials will keep in the archive and won’t be returned.The organizing committee shall not bear the mailing cost and the insurance cost of the materials, nor shall it bear the responsibility for loss, error or damage of the  materials caused by the mailing process or other irresistible factors.

Mailing Address

West Lake International Documentary Festival Organizing Committee

11/F, Building 7, China Academy of Art, NO.352 XiangShan, Hangzhou,  P. R. China

Postcode: 310024

Contact: Xiaoan SHI

Tel: 0086 - 571 - 87200617 / 0086 - 571 - 87200579

Fax: 0086 - 571 - 87200617 

E-mail: idf@westlakeidf.com 

3.3  Required Materials

1)Documentary for Competition Evaluation

The version for "D20 Nomination" competition evaluation must be no less than 1920*1080, no more than 3GB MOV/MP4 formats; at least two episodes of documentary series are required to be uploaded; all the documentary must have English subtitles, all Chinese documentaries must be subtitled in Chinese except for no dialogue films; if you need to add watermark, please mark "IDF Preview" in the upper right corner of the screen, no other watermark is allowed.

2)Additional Materials 

  • Synopsis and director's statement (around 300 words)

  • Trailer (within 3 min): MOV or MP4 format, resolution no less than 1920*1080

  • 1 poster, 3 to 5 film stills, JPG format (the pixel shall not be lower than 300 dpi)

  • A recent photo of director, JPG format (the pixel shall not be lower than 300 dpi)

  • Subtitles with time-codes in ".srt" or ".ass" formats or in ".doc" or ".txt" format

3) Please upload the documentary for competition evaluation together with the required materials on IDF official website www.westlakeidf.com within the registration period. The entrant will receive the notification email from the organizing committee after processing the materials. Otherwise, it means the application has not been completed (incomplete information, required materials have not been sent or uploaded, etc.)

4.  Selection and Screening

All the entries of the "D20 Nomination" will be selected after viewing and deliberation of the academic committee of West Lake International Documentary Festival. The organizing committee will formally notify the entrant by e-mail and announce the official short list.

The entrant should provide a 422HQ MOV file for screening. In addition to the technical adjustment of subtitle translation, the version must be consistent with the initial review version. The digital file must be sent to the organizing committee through hard disk (equipped data lines, power lines, transfer interfaces and other necessary accessories), and the deadline should be based on the official invitation letter.

If the screening version isn’t provided according to the requirement, the organizing committee has the right to cancel the screening of the documentary during the festival.

The nominated documentaries will be publicly screened during the festival at least twice, the schedule and the location for the screening will be determined by the organizing committee.

Information and stills of the nominated documentaries will be presented in IDF catalog, official website, online and offline promotion materials. The organizing committee has the right to edit and make public use of the received material, in purpose of promotion of the festival and the documentary. 

The organizing committee will invite the filmmaker of D20 Nominated documentaries to attend the 3rd West Lake International Documentary Festival including opening ceremony, award ceremony, post-screening Q&A, IDF Forum and related events. The organizing committee will cover the expense of round-way transportation and accommodation for the invited filmmakers (if the nominated documentary has more than one filmmaker, the organizing committee will only cover the expense for two filmmakers).   

5  Right to Interpret 

The Organizing Committee of the 3rd West Lake International Documentary Festival (IDF 2019) reserves the right to amend this charter, rules, terms or other related conventions. The IDF Organizing Committee owns the final right to interpret on this charter without public discussion.

The Organizing Committee of the 3rd West Lake International Documentary Festival 

April, 2019